Best known as Northern California’s happy hour house band, the Chronic Padres lend their eclectic acoustic style to classic – and sometimes not so classic – rock, pop and country tunes. Whether it’s at a bar or a bar mitzvah, a corporate gig or a street corner on a sunny afternoon, the Chronic Padres are committed to making every hour happy hour, from the first chords and notes struck to the last, delivering hard-driving singalong songs to put a smile on every face.

For upcoming dates, please see the Live tab of the website, and follow the Chronic Padres on both Facebook and Instagram to keep track of where the party’s going next.

Scott Sorochak – vocals and guitar

From the early day’s of belting 80’s “big hair” tunes in college to these later years of wailing “blue hair” melodies, Scott continues to bring a tenacious and passionate stage presence to every show he performs at…minus the 10 foot stage dives from the past.  With his free time, Scott provides venture capital investments to start up companies and helps them build sustainable businesses … ranging from DHA-based llama milk production farms to enterprise SaaS organizations.

  • Guitar hero: Jimmy Page
  • Favorite song to perform live: Slide (Goo Goo Dolls)
  • Best concert attended: Bruce Springsteen, MA, 1986
  • Best lyrics: “Breathe out, so I can breathe you in” -Foo Fighters, Everlong
  • Maryann or Ginger? Maryann, who doesn’t love pigtails
  • Favorite drink: Jack and Coke
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Ray Hartjen – guitar and vocals

Still clinging to his dream of being the first fourth line NHL centerman to race the Indy 500, Ray fills up his spare time between music rehearsals as a marketing and public relations professional, and figures his years of experience in corporate America make him uniquely qualified to being an animal trainer at any zoo.

  • Guitar hero: Eddie Van Halen
  • Favorite song to perform live: Surrender (Cheap Trick)
  • Best concert attended: U2, Honolulu, December 2006
  • Best Metallica song: Master of Puppets
  • Maryann or Ginger? Ginger
  • Favorite drink: Free ones
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